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Default Re: We will be criminals

I used to wonder when i was a kid, why people alway's associated panic stasis with "The Russian's are commin!" like they were real alien's or something? But if you think about it, with what's really happening in the world now, all lead's back to the Illuminati Umbrella of organized crime.
What we shouldn't be doing is shouting our head's off about the increasing rate of government injustice's going on all over the globe. they'll only make more law's to prevent victim's from complaining about being victim's anyway!
There's only one force that's caperble of ending war's between nation's like this, and that's with the revealing of the true meaning of religion as a whole. Their conditioned belief system is their Achilese Heel, break the foundation's within their doctrine of interpretation's that originally created their belief system with which they acrue their power, then they become powerless to the public, and rank's begin to crumble.
It\'s a Dog-ma, God-Ma Paranonamatrixia game!
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