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Default Is Anything Being Done With Us?

I can only speak from my own experience.
I have no "real" idea, what goes on with other people, not really anyway.

Most people don't see what goes on around them, and if they do,
they see things as not being relevant - more so than not -
to their "current" state of be.

Some people, have their "current" state of be, more relevant,
in what goes on in the present day world:
This is where I'm speaking from:
Roughly, this "current" lifetime, started around 1955.
What I am going to write, is all based on, in my lifetime.
My lifetime and the lifetime of life about, as it now is,
is considered to be, one and the same - of duration.

Since my early 20's, I have had this lifetime,
pegged at around - 55 years of duration.
My reasons for it, are all based in myself.
Has to do with, "suitably" living on.
Nothing to do with, old-aging, away.
I am now 55 years old, this lifetime has now run its' course, in my eyes.
According to the way I see things, this lifetime is "drawing" to a close.

What Goes On In This Lifetime:
Like I said, I can only speak from my own experience.
I don't really have, much of a clue, outside of myself.
However, you may see "similarities", when it comes to you.

You will notice - in this lifetime - established around,
the seen world about and the unseen world about.
Subject of course, to your perception, of it all.
This is what - lifetimes are based on. According to my view of things.
Life as I currently see it, goes from - one lifetime to the next lifetime.
"Speculation": is all that can "really", be made of it. Nevertheless....

The unseen world, obviously, depends of what you believe.(?)

The seen world, would have to do with, life as it is,
established about, being the way it does.
This would go to countries about, and the way of life, therein of.
Mostly seems to be - the "economy" way about.
The - work a day - way about, of sustaining ourselves.

The seen and unseen world above, seems to be what "lifetimes",
past, present and future - are based on.

You will notice, people "prosper" in the established world around, direction.
They are in the minority as far as the number of people around go.
The majority of people around, benefit from this way of life being about.
However, the majority of people around, are not in the established world.
The majority of people, mostly benefit as things be so.
According to "sustaining" their physical existence.

According to this "LIFETIMES" projection...
the established world of these lifetimes, past, present and future,
are being "onslaughted" against, from without, by within us means.
However: as far as I know, one of these "lifetimes" ahead, (not presently)
will eventually, manage to hold its' own, and continue on being, from there.
Unknow, what that will unfold like.(?)

What I've written above, is roughly - what's - left of it all:
from wherever, it all reaches back to historically, to currently still is anymore.

Established around, is what leads the way, for life being and continuing to be.
However, established around, does not "necessarily" - hit the spot,
with the majority of people, except of course, most of us, let it be so.
Currently, there seems to be, no "widespread" need, to change, up front.
This "economy" way of life, is the best "existence" can offer, right now.

Early on, in these lifetimes, according to this one,
the world around, becomes "advanced".
Later on, in these lifetimes, the world "starts" to come up "lacking".
The downturn, is where/when - the lifetime - draws to a close.
I noticed this - in the last half of the 1980's and first half of the 1990's.
This all appears to be by "design". In a way, it could be unimaginable, but....

Comes down to, whatever(?) is left of it all, manages to go on from,
whatever left of life, is able to "establish" about, to go on as.
Up front - outright continuing on - is not really - in the cards.
However, one of the lifetimes ahead, will result in - continuing on.

The above, is the "overall" big picture, of.....

What Goes On In These Lifetimes?
There's a good chance, that I don't really know, what goes on,
according to the big picture except that it's being whittled away at.
However, here, at the "lesser" end of things....

What goes on "within" the majority of peoples' realm of things?
The majority of people, would be the people, that are not really
"in on" the established world about - being.

Within the ranks of:
the majority of people, what goes on, goes on to,
keep these people, away from "becoming" - as they are or would become.

Being, from within ourselves - to outside of ourselves,
amounts to, we are able to stand - on our own two feet.
The "powers that be", don't want us - to be able to do so.

Maybe you have heard, in reference to us, that life cannot be, its' true self.
This is the direction I have gone in. Not, outright, my own doing....

More-so, what goes on....
within the ranks, of the "everyday" people.

The majority of people, for the most part, are being, whittled away at.
The "powers that be" are finding, their way through, our genetical structure.
Wanting to get, our past - present - future lives, in their hands.
This has been, well gotten into, by them, whoever, they are.

This is so well gotten into by them, that we are all rigged up,
in something like, one big computer program, the way it automatically runs.
We are "pung" along, every "ping" of the way.

However: the program, does not run, without a hitch.
However: we are - up against it.

Seemingly, the way out from within this program, is by, within ourselves.
The program we're in, "pangs" us along, to be in step with it, at times.
When we are "panged", we are "gouged" into, by the - already be so, of it.
Wants to keep us, fenced in. Does not want, direct contact, with us.
There's a good chance, that whatever it is, it doesn't have, what it takes,
to be able to "lord" it over us, in a "active" living on world, being about.

However: it does have it all over us, physically and mechanically,
but only - if ourselves in ourselves - are in the "dark" to it.

Unfortunately: "lights on" in ourselves, isn't enough to combat it, up front.
It "exerts",above and beyond us - in a, now you see you, now you don't, way.
For all intents and purposes, we are, "nullified" every of the way.

The majority of people
appear to be at a loss, in the midst of it all.

They seem to be in "need" of an - established around - world to live in.
Currently, there is no "established" around, world about.
Upfront: the majority of people about, seem to comply, to the program.

The current lifetime we are in, looks like, it comes to a close,
when, some of us, in the midst of it all, "result" out from - it all.
There is no current world, that we are living in, but, this one will do.
We are not outright able bodied, but our minds are seemingly, solid.

However: chances are, that outside of us, cannot compute along,
to keep us "incorporated", within it all.

Whatever it is, it doesn't want to be bothered with us, and as a result,
is just going to dump us here, and leave us behind.
Seemingly, carrying on, with its' objective, in sight, into the next - lifetime.

Whatever is going on, seems to be, at its' direction, at the start of the
lifetime. Now, near the end of this lifetime, it seems to be coming to a close,
involuntarily. There's a good chance, that whatever is going on,
is dead-set against us, resulting away from it, even in this involuntary state.

The nearest, that I seem to be aware of, "what"?, has made it all so, is,
that "they"(?), are "content" to be as they are, without, into themselves be.
Meaning, developing about, what you could call, true to yourself,
is "currently" of no interest to them. Somehow, things are had so, by them.
Chances are, they have "each other", bottled-up.

Their "hostility" towards - being - in the first place:
seemingly is because
ones' self, can develop about to be, in a "becoming" way.
(Wasn't able to get about to be, in a true to this lifeform, manner.)
Whatever out there, where-ever it is, cannot uphold things, as they are there,
in the face of, one getting about to be.
Compliments of, whatever all, is in, oneself, becoming to be.
In other words, you, yourself, can "become" to be.
There is no, you, yourself, cannot be.
Unfortunately, we are well had on, and well gotten in, by whats(?) out there.
We are not "really" in a "functional" order, up front, in ourselves.
However: this lifetime, is expected to result, like "they" are expecting.

Roughly, what's going on with the masses:

The masses, at some point, in a yet to be "lifetime", are looking at,
they are rising up from the ruins, of whatever has been, that no longer is,
once they get "together" on it, as a whole.

Meantime, there will be, what will be known as, "survivors" of the lifetimes,
before and after, this current lifetime as well.
These "survivors" are left behind, as it all goes on.

Currently, everything goes on from, some kind of "involuntary" state.
Not yet, is there, anywhere, "directly" able to handle things.

The "lifetimes" end with a "directly" somewhere, from the lifetimes that have
been, but as far as "prior" to this lifetime, none are considered to have
maintained such position(s), in it all, so far.

The lifetimes, prior to this one, and the ones after this one,
look like they are all in the "human" lifeform.
Chances are it's that way, for the duration of, the involuntariness,
that it is all, happening from.

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