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Default Military Developing New Cloaking Device. Invisibility Technology.

Just out of interest. A friend of mine was a naval clearence diver. He went on exchange to the U.S navy back in 1995 i think.

Based in Hawai he did work on such a device.

His job was fixing big metal cables to the sea floor. The cables were draped over a ship. They stood back 400 yards in a rubber duckie and watched the ship shimmer and disappear. It became translucent.

They never recieved a security clearence. Were NEVER told not to speak of it. And no one who worked on it gave a toss.

They were quite anxious while working on it as all were keen to get to the pub.

Sometimes you dont need a giant conspiricy. Sometimes the fact that people wont believe you anyway and also the fact that the people doing it could'nt care less about it. Most people are just very keen to get paid at the end of the week and could'nt give a toss about secret goverment dealings.

And that is why we're where we are.

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