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"God doesn't burden any soul beyond its means, if this child is to be a righteous person in the future, God will protect him and will not allow suffering beyond his or her threshold. This experience is not traumatic by itself, almost all of us have suffered in some way or another during childhood, some turned to God and drew closer to Him, some turned away from God and chose reconcilation in the creatures (drug abuse, relationships, adultery, work-addiction..etc). If this child accepts, forgives and turn to God for help, all this misery will vanish in a blink of an eye, few take heed though! thus they fall in the trap of Satan and bring more misery upon themselves."

Ahmad, truer words have never been spoken.

God rules.
Satan is a fool.

Thank you Ahmad. You're explanation for why and what's up makes most sense when you think of choraling evil, bringing it to the surface - the light of truth - and BANISHING it for all time. A most pleasant thought. Yay God!

P.S. I often thought that a crucified Christ was an odd icon for a Christian church that says "no to idols".

Jesus cried to God, "Father, why have you forsaken me?" Jesus, was not God and did not understand the scope of God's plan.

I enjoyed the Jesus debate Ahmad and I have to admit that I agree with you on that matter. There is only one God and the three judaic based religions have been made a mockery, by the fools who would lead sheep to a slaughter house. Also, God chose Jesus, to perform miracles in God's name. He was one special guy!

Ahmad, I'm not sure about the messenger thingy and I like your style. I have gained a respect for what you write. Thank you.
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