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Anonymous wrote:
Dear Superstupid,

You are only destroying your own credibility
with your unsubstantiated and viscious personal
attacks against Ahmad's good moral character.
Ahmad has a lot of good and valuable
information to impart and is at a much
higher spiritual level than yourself; like
an analogy of
comparing a back-alley heroin user who lives
in a cardboard box ( that is you ) with a very successful and clean living
entrepreneur and family man
( that would be Ahmad ).
I don't want Ahmad scared away from this
site by a vulgar intellectual midget
and FRAUD calling itself Superstar
when it should call itself Superstupid.
Here is the final, authoritative ruling:
"Superstar is a j*rk".
clean cut person here. you people are militant freaks. you all have your addictions and want to keep them, you are of no use in this society. you are not people of God, but of this Satan you all really worship. you can hide and disguise, but you people need help. no wonder the world will go through a NWO. you people need to straighten up and become part of the human race.
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