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Default Re: The Strange Georgia (USA) Guide Stones

It is completely absurd, illogical and abominable to believe that God created the earth.

God is infinitely perfect and pure. God NEVER created a world where each time we eat, some plant or animal has to die. Such a belief is an outrage and sin against God.

God is not a "he". God is the ultimate form of energy, of infinite range which transcends omniscience.

WE created the physical universe collectively and we did a botched-up job. And if you think for one moment that Earth is the center of intelligence in this man-made universe, well "Parakeetos", that would be the height of narcissistic, delusional insanity.

Earth is a prison planet; one without a collective consciousness, because the human beings inhabiting it are not telepathic, only verbal.

The Guidestones are a mandate for the future; If Earth is going to ever evolve into a worthy member of the galactic community, it must be purified of all incongruous and subversive elements who are actively engaged in destroying it.

The criteria which Leucedendra explained for being eligible are extremely fair and equitable.

Earth must be cleansed and purged of its spoilage once and for all. It must be deislamified and dechristianized, and the genetic vessels of all murderous elements who have defiled and desanctified the real estate of this world must be put to far better use: as sustenance and medicine for those deserving.

Human beings kill germs without regard for the spiritual entities occupying each one of them. The advent of what is to come is a parallel simply much higher in the food chain. Those who wish dominance must earn it. Those who have failed to do so must perish.
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