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disinformation agents
- are arrogant know it all-s, when in fact are nothing but hot-air filled provocateurs
- provide nothing but catch phrases and mantras and very heavy accusations without any proof
- resort to and adopt low level techniques such as quick name calling, mocking, categorizing, and associating without any real proof
- claim that the people they accuse of being hidden illuminati stooges throw in NWO phrases and mantras, yet they do not show you that Ron Paul does indeed talk and discuss these issues in depth not just phrases and mantras
- accuse whoever they choose without proof
- provide sporadic one liners claiming they know who started world war II, and that Ron Paul is ignorant of history, whereas if you investigate you’d soon realize that they (the “disinformation” buffoons) are the ones that state one liners that are not even factual, like wwII being an American creation instead of mostly European (
- create chaos, confusion, disorder, mistrust, disbelieve, lack of hope
- profess everyone is bad, even the very few good guys are satanists, without any verifiable evidence whatsoever
- are happy just the way things are
- provide no answers or solutions
- claim that everything is fixed and that there is no way out (helplessness)
- when confronted do not address the issues in questions and do not address the specific concerns you point out to them, and then go out in hiding and place their focus and assault on something or someone else
- pretend everything is ok, that they just made a mistake and want for you to just forget about it so that they can go onto continuing their stupid and misguided agenda of empty garbage
- although elections have been seen even recently to be fraudulently manipulated (by the controlling party), suggest that voting is irrelevant and persuade you not to exercise one of the very few rights we have left. even if they are manipulated this is one of the most powerful acts we can do as citizens, to go out and vote in mass, just for the powerful symbolism it carries the day that it is exercised and the etheric energy it produces
- provide no verifiable facts
- provide no verifiable proof
- prove by their very nature of misguidance, without solutions, and acceptance that they are nothing but “disinformation” agents themselves
- will never provide you with any solid provable and verifiable evidence, because there is none they can find
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