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Default Re: Official Auschwitz figures

It's not merely a numbers game. The fact that the Russian people and the German people historically have not been able to have their loss recognized, does not mean that the Jewish people must hide their sense of grief and the unfathomable pain they must have suffered.

Russia has suffered under the tyrant rule of Tsardom for a millenia at least, and J Stalin happened to have access to the most efficient killing machine of them all. But under Putin the Russian people are still threatened and opressed, as we all know. They have not been able to have their loss acknowledged still. Just like the German people who are just now starting to come to terms with their past as the destroyer of Europe. They have not had any right to grieve, obviously. Perhaps not a very just and reasonable effect but still, understandable.

As all historians know, their science is being written by the winners. It is an ever evolving science and the further away from the event, the more one can detached from emotions, observe the overall structure of events. Details disappear and the bigger schemes stand out. WWII is still a recent event in our history. There is little point in arguing about numbers until we understand the situation from where the continued strife originates.
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