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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

Barbara wrote:
Fra_nothing and Ozziecynic, don't quit your day jobs (assuming either of you have one), you will never make it at the Commedy Club. Your pathetic attempts at humor do nothing to make up for your singular lack of intellect or your inability to understand the written word.

My earlier post was not meant to be taken as applicable to either of you personally but, from your reaction, it must have hit fairly close to home. Please, your squealing is most un-manly. You obviously do not want balance, you want sympathy. To facilitate that end, please find any good English dictionary and look between shit and syphilis, the former which fills your heads and you mistake for brains and the latter which goes far to explain your non-existant love lives as is indicated by your ranting.

Strangely enough, I always thought of Australian men as being the epitome of manliness. With all the hardship that went along with settling a hostile new land I would have thought all the cry babies had been weeded out. Thank you both for disabusing me of my illusions.

A word or two of advice, not that you have the wherewithall to take it, lose at least 75 pounds each and move out of your mums' houses. It will do wonders for your self esteem and perhaps allow you to stop blaming your sad state of affairs on women. Be first and second on the list to receive a personality transplant the minute they become available.

Sorry, none of these suggestions will help you get dates because I am virtually certain you are both so homely your faces would raise blisters on a brass monkey's posterior.

You bore me so I will bid you both adieu.
Pure humorless sophistry. Just another example that women these days do not have the ability to take an objective look at themselves.

You are brainwashed, Barbara. You are part of the Matrix. You are another Smith, and another brick in the wall.

One might see your reference to the knuckle dragging men as simple humor. It isn't. That's really how you see them.

Smug racist, sexist, biggotry in every way, Barbara. Now go watch Lifetime television and do your Jane Fonda workout.
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