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Hey nohope and born to die

I'm not Dr.Phil trying to babble some nonsense fix to your ills , take some of Mary's advice though. Not everything is as it seems - They would need millions of man hours to digest all of earths electronic conversations through echelon. BUT since it is there and is a government program spying on us .. its more of a psychological CIA type of "slide". Make you more docile like drinking flouride in your water.

I would like to point out 3 old school cases of a slave population. 1 you have the pyrimads ... that was a lot of man power ... I dont think it was a unified force who had waken up one day, got some friends together and decided to make pyrimads. No I think it was a unified force of evil who wanted to control people by claiming
"I am GOD". But before and If I die make me pyrimads so I can see you in the after life. The same goes for number
2 Mayan temples another creation of slave labour. They would have pre planned wars between tribes and the victor would have a population to boss around and sacrifice. Still temples were made and the "elite" had their hierarchy , again we see the "gods" on earth controlling the masses
3 Would be the great wall of CHINA. It had taken over 100's of years to complete .. and I am pretty sure the average life span for chinese people back than would have been pretty low. So you'd have many generation's working on this same project.

Last but not least .. we come to today .. we are working slaves for 8 to 12 hours a day. Its a different structure .. but only in the fact that we have some form of freedoms. Our rulers are the "elite" look at the presidents of the USA most are related .. they have blood lines traced back to Europe. Do you think the masses under any government want to get up .. grab a gun and go kill your geographical neighbour?
The ones that do are forced into it by economics and a small percentage of ruling elite.
These "elite" today are not out to make your life better. They get into office and make money for them and the friends who got them there. Their god is money and their lust for money makes them evil. Take 400 billion spent on the war in Iraq, invest that money in alternative renewable energies .. and we would not be in the middle east. The only problem with that is the money that Bush , Cheney (many others) have tied up in Oil. Take this option away and their power base/control starts to dwindle.( Bush family are probably number 1 or 2 major scapegoats NWO owned family ) .. Bush 43's skull and bones nickname is "temporary"
Well I guess i rambled on there... But the key is that nothing that goes on is as it seems. Internet 2 will not happen over night , If worried about internet 2 start learning how to hack now - why let them get away with murder anymore?
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