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Hope, I prefer Martin Luther's we are not there until we all get there and by the love of Christ we are gonna get there!

Thanx for support. Most appreciated. I'm just a dum mum who cares probably too much. I really do care and I know a lot of other people who do. I count them as friends.

I've seen the best and worst humanity has to offer and I still believe every child is born innocent, a gift from God, innately good. I do not believe humanity is evil at its core. It has been taught to be that way.

In a cruel world, a child learns to be cruel. In a nurturing environment, a child learns to care.

I believe the spirit of humanity is good at its core. I have seen too many good people do good things, always at the right place and the right time.

Babies love to smile and we like to see them smile. There are more of us than them. Their days are numbered, our dawn is just becoming.

You can deny it and the truth is coming to light and Satan is not the truth, God is. I guess it all depends upon perspective.

God runs this show and the curtain is dropping on Satan's act.

Mary XXX
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