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Default canadian government is a bloody farce

all this hullabalu about the cadmen affair, Harper suing elections canada and the liberal party. The fact that every single bill passed in the house has to be a vote of confidence frankly disturbes me. when did every decision the government makes become a vote of non-confidence? hmm, seems to me that the Neo-cons currently controling parliament are playing fast and loose with the law just like that dirty bastard Mulrooney. At least he had common sense not to lie right at the faces of the people. and now we find out Mulrooney paid off a german arms runner.... god sakes parliament hill is turning into the white house

every political party is corrupt the Liberals did alot of damage and now all this garbage from the Conservatives.

Frankly like most canadians im tired of all the bickering and bitching going on in the house of commons, when are our elected representatives going to start governing in the best interest's of canadians like we pay them to?

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