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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Masons are not sectarians. This is what has given us the reputation of being "evil" because fundamentalist religious people think that either you do it THEIR way or you are with the "devil".

We put aside our biases to meet on the level where everyone is equal and free. The garbage man and the CEO are the same. So are the Christian and the Moslem. If a man is a Mason, then that is good enough for us. Why? Because becoming a Mason means dedicating yourself to being wiser, more generous and to NEVER stop trying to help others--whether they are Masons or not.

Masons give with no need for recognition or reward. If there are secrets in Masonry, they are the many ways we help with no one knowing anything about it. We don't pass up a homeless guy without giving him relief. We don't pass a poor child without giving him a piece of candy or soda pop or something. We don't wait to see if others will help--we just up and do it. When a house burns down, we'll help the owners get on their feet. If a family is going hungry, we will sneak them food so that their pride isn't hurt. These are just a few "minor" examples. We want to help lift people up so that they can take care of themselves. We love people--ALL people, regardless of religion, economic status, politics, etc. If this is "evil", then I don't want to be "good".
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