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Default Re: eli lilly knowingly commits murder

Gee, I wonder why they are continuously pushing medication on us and, nonetheless, medication with potentially "deadly" side effects.

Think maybe they are "screwing" with our brain chemistry?

Think maybe they want a society addicted and dependent on drugs so we're dependent on them?

Think maybe they want our kids addicted, too?

Long ago, there was a time when kids were kids and if they were depressed or down they had adults to talk to. They didn't need Zoloft or Concerta or Ritalin.

I don't know the statistics, but kids are killing themselves after being placed on some anti-depressants. This is a side-effect?????
WHAT???? for someone who is taking it because they may be suicidal to begin with.

Ritalin is speed. Pure and simple. They don't know what causes ADHD, right! You are hyper-active, so take speed. I'm not a doctor, but come on.

But, adults are so busy with work and trying to make superstars out of their children, that there isn't any time for just BEING HUMAN.

The pressures our children face these days with all the uncertainty in the world and technology practically taking over industry and jobs being outsourced, it's no wonder they're feeling apprehensive about life.

They're drinking more and more, killing and injuring themselves and others at record rates, I believe.

Our fast paced, obsessive, addicted and technology driven society strips all of us of what is real.

We have them to thank for much of this!

In Peace,
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