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Default Re: DC Madam Suicided???

I think they did her in. I mean she was going to reveil some pretty well know politicans and the likes and they did not want their names known to the public for going to high paying call girls or prostitutes. It would ruin their carrers possibly and their family structures. Wouldn't want the wife to find out now would they. Like Alex Jones said on the Geroldo Rivera show on the fox news channel during a short interview on the topic of the suicides {a women usually in most cases would not hang her self she would take an overdose.}. It just seems odd. Back in in november or december there was another call girl/prostitute who committed suicide as well it was a blonde. She was to testify about some politicans and the likes who came to her as well. I think they both were murdered/killed off before they had a chance to open up about who paid for their services.
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