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Though I find you ideal appealing it is unfortunate that the Government in this Nation would not allow such a thing to exist.The so called land of the free is no longer a free Nation by any means, we are however freer than most Nations I have been to.
I think what would happen is you would start such a site and it would continue untill it made public notice then the government along with Mr. Bill Gates would set out to destroy what you worked to put together. If they wanted us to know a true death count over there they would have told in the first place.
I agree that only 1500 dead in two years seems like a very unrealistic number as we lost an average of 5500 men a year in Vietnam war. I think we are beeing lied to as well, after all a big fat lie is why we are mixed up in a war we do not belong in the middle of.
In short it is a great ideal but I dont think it would last very long, big brother would not like it much!!
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