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igwt wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
I'm sure the government is lying to us and that the number of 1,500+ dead American soldiers is inaccurate.

We need a web site where we can compile a database of all those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured.

Any thoughts??
Try this one, has updates...
Found this on the link. Probably doesn't apply here, but I'll post and comment anyway.


The broader rationale, Feith said, included the danger posed by Iraq's potential to resume building chemical, biological and possibly nuclear weapons - know-how that the Iraqi regime developed before the 1991 Gulf War.


Feith says in the article that the justification for invading Iraq based on WMD's was probably overstated, but his statement above still justifies the war in Iraq based on the regime's potential to resume building WMD's.

So although he is leaving office shortly, he still stands behind the administration's "unjust" war based on lies.

Okay, so that gives them the green light to invade any country when they ascertain in their own minds that a country POSES the potential TO RESUME or is building, using "beefed up" and false intelligence, chemical, biological and possibly nuclear weapons?
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