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Default Re: How should I live my life?

Interesting thread! how do we cope with it? it is up to each individual. Let me tell you some of my story.

Personally knowing about the NWO has had many negative effects on me. I lost motivation because of knowing that there is not much of a future to look forward to. This is specially bad since im also a student and has really hurt me in college. All this studying for what? I have become lazy and carefree, after all why care about anything if the world is going to crumble and most of the worlds population could die in the coming years.

You mention starting a family, I have decided not to because it would be just evil to bring forth children in this age only for them to suffer and die young in the coming global cataclysms.

I live life day to day, nothing gets me happy, nothing excites me, I just live day to day, just going about my business and doing the best I can, trying to live morally and being a good person. Sounds boring, but now that I think of it im no different than millions of other people in this world who aren't really motivated! (just another Al Bundy) :lol:
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