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Default Re: So, You Think Jews Are Smarter?

Anyone ever seen Star Trek?
It makes me laugh whenever the all selfish, overpoweringly greedy Feregi race makes an apearance, whos racial design is clearly based on the Jews.
Seriously though surely the finacial situation has to be a factor, if your a race of people that ritually hords wealth and does not share it around for the betterment of the wider community surely you get richer and they get poorer.
Money wasnt ment for this reason, basic economics dictates that it must flow, and flow through the whole community not just into scrooge type peoples pockets.
If you do happen to belong to a Ferengi type race and do steal/parasite the fruit of the community you inhabit surely its reasonable to assume that your offspring are going to be better educated than the others.
Even with this innate financial discrimination they are clearly not more intelligent than the European or the Asian for that matter, unless you consider greed and conspiracy against you fellow man to be intelligent.
Intelligence is not a far cry from wisdom.
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