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yes I am the original author of this content, but many others have attempted to record such events, I will admit I had inspiration for the commandments part.

The content itself goes against the very fabric of the social construct of our western world, which is content to be controlled, and subjects others to oppression onto a concession of conformity.

IF you say you defend the Constitution I note that should reread the above documentation of the general notion behind the entire conspiracy state.

I will repeat a segment.



*Found in the fifth amendment of the constitution.

*Presentment is defined as a sense of foreboding about a topic, and applies to that of criminal activity. This charter right removes all rights of the person it is cast upon or requested or claim it.

*Since those who have been the victim of rapture might not be in full control of their own faculties they can not be held personally accountable for words spoken or actions taken while incepted. A tribunal is determined to find if the person is incepted and other guilty parties may be sought.

*it can not ever be proven for all found in script that changes has no secondary fact sheet, but as time has progressed many sacred documents have been changed. Presentiment is not found in my Webster Encyclopedic Reference Dictionary 1949 Chicago. As a word found in the American constitution I find hard to believe it excused.


And yes the idea of the “sexbot” is a parallel to the controllable mentality of one who commits rapture, the fact that an android does not exist is just an excuse in attempts to communicate what is incommunicable unless the content prevaricates or swerves from the truth.

- the content above also has a note on your present understandings of the music industry.
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