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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

"I" and "me" are one in the same and I would not see them as separate.

You do because you are not one in the same.


I am correct.

You are not one; together.


Let's go from there.

Why are you more than one?

What happened?
I am not "really" more than one. I - would have to be - one.
I was "dubbed" over - along the lines of - a past life -
that was - already - being me - at times.
There was no - I was different of such past life - prior to, in the 1990's.
I have been - separate of - this past life - throughout this lifetime.
I am no longer - susceptible - to this past life - up front - anymore.

The reason for this - dubbing over - is so that - outside interests -
can over-ride me - in being.

These outside interests - want to - be what's there -
to do with - oneself being - instead of - oneself.
So that "they?" have control - instead of oneself.

Unknown what actually happened - that has led up to this.

I suspect - where ever we are from, historically - got vanquished.
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