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Default Re: The Elite Monitoring our Dreams?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
What is "The Chair" that was used in the MKULTRA program and how is it that you know about it?

What is a harmonic signature?
The chair was the aim of the MKULTRA program, and from it came the use of it's powers in the STARGATE program.
It is a pscycho-active amplifier and the subject who operated it had to go through years of training, and it mostly ended in madness for the operator.
I suppose the knowledge of it comes from years of research and FOI searches, any investigator into the project can tell you about it.

As for the harmonic signature, well, every human being has a unique quantum harmonic state at any given time and place on the face of the planet (it is what makes you a unique consciousness).
If all the people on the planet combined make up a harmonic signature plus all the life forms, the extraction of individual harmonics is very hard (It is based on a probabilistic algorithm). The latter part of the STARGATE program used this fact to target individuals across the globe.
It would be very hard to target an individual without first having a 'signature' of their harmonic field.
That was what i was conveying.
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