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Default Re: Not big conspiracy issue...just same old same old

Shannow wrote:,bK2ryfS,w

Due to Katrina, the licencing body for engine oils is relaxing the manufacturing standards of motor oil to "avoid shortages" (price certainly won't be relaxed I'm sure).

The easiest, and least risk way of preventing shortages would be a mass advertising campaign, suggesting 4 month, or 4,000 mile changes, rather than the 3/3,000 that's the standard.

Instant 25% reduction in consumption....ohhh, that's right...consumption=profit.
Well, I know you're in Australia right now, shannow, but it's actually even worse.

The 'peak oil' bullshit propaganda is flying high. Yesterday's Dallas Morning News gave all sorts of wonderful 'scientific' theories on the 'oil crises.

Doesn't the world understand that oil itself is a natural phenomenon ingrained in planetary structures themselves?

Does the world not know that there is oil ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE! There's oil on Mars, Venus...any terra forma planet!

And you can't run out because it's produced from the core up!

One more 'natural disaster' should 'break the camel's back. Seriously. America is so stupid, one more disaster should do it. It'll be Marshal Law from Hell.
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