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Originally Posted by FallaciesAbound View Post
They certainly can be blamed for at least a portion of the unrest. Muslims havent been decent fighters since the 1700s, they whine and bitch about everything, yet refuse to negotiate in good faith, and then they wonder why they are in the state they are in. They need someone to dig up Saladin, clone him, and then maybe they stand a chance of being an adult society.
1700's?? We were slaughtered on the hills of Gallipoli (Turkey). That was WWI. 1918. They were neutral in WWII. Thanks be to HIM.

They whine and b*tch, and refuse to negotiate in good faith?? lmao. Is this before or after our sanctions? Bend over, give us what we came for, or face sanctions. Good faith, lol.

Then they wonder why thay are in the state they are in? Which state are they in? Dignity outweighs superficial prosperity.

If they clone Saladin, we will see a war far more devastating then any previous wars put together. Do you know who he was?
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