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Originally Posted by FallaciesAbound View Post
They certainly can be blamed for at least a portion of the unrest. Muslims havent been decent fighters since the 1700s, they whine and bitch about everything, yet refuse to negotiate in good faith, and then they wonder why they are in the state they are in. They need someone to dig up Saladin, clone him, and then maybe they stand a chance of being an adult society.
Muslems are pretty much the ONLY ones offering any serious resistance to the New World Order. Hezbollah and Hamas are the ONLY organisations doing ANYTHING about the evil oppressive Jewish-supremacist regime called Israel. Meanwhile, the White middle class just allows itself being spoonfed with vile anti-White propaganda by the oligarchs while our very existence as an ethno-cultural group is being threatened. So WTF are you talking about?!?

I don't like my country being overrun by Muslem immigrants but I strongly support the Islamic Republic of Iran being the ONLY regime to openly question the Holocaust myth, to openly question Jewish supremacism, to openly question American economic colonialism and to provide a socio-cultural alternative to both capitalism and communism that alows people to live in prosperity and peace. While their regime is most definitely far from perfect, I have far more respect for them than I have for the corrupt, mediocre, greedy @$$holes who call themselves our leaders and who're little else but puppets for the upcoming Jew-dominated New World Order.

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
i think radical muslems are responsable for a lot of unrest between nations
It's actually Jews and their favorite pet projects (first the British empire, later Israel and the US) that are responsible for most of unrest between nations since the French revolution. Muslems are actually among the few ones doing anything to save themselves from this mess during the last few decades. It's pretty ignorant to blame them for something they're fighting against.

Anyway, it's a public secret that Al Qaeda is a CIA creation and that 9/11 was an inside job. Nothing you've given us so far has remotely been able to disprove these facts.

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