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Originally Posted by albie View Post
I've heard all the above before. Yawn. Why don't you people go and hang out on debunking sites?.
Been there, done that. I was part of the "skeptic forum" (using a different alias) for some time but got annoyed with the offensive behavior and narrowminded attitude of some of those so-called "sceptics" and left. I prefer to spend my time online among loony David Icke fans rather than among pretentious fools who like to believe they're ultra-sceptical and ultra-rational while buying into pretty much everything coming from a source they deem credible and using one strawman argument or insult after the other in an attempt to make their point.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Then you'd know that the last word is the debunkers on ALL this.
No it's not.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Why pose the same boring five year old questions that have been debunked already?
I should be asking you that.

Anyway, feel free to "debunk" some of the statements in my last post USING YOUR OWN WORDS. That might get interesting
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