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Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
That doesn't seem too farfetched.

The center core? The entire outer shell? I somehow find that hard to believe considering there's much of the building that appeared relatively untouched by the flames.

At what floor did the floors start pancaking? How could this have happened at near free fall speed? How could the central column and the outer shell all just collapse vertically? Considering the steel framework that was actually developed to be able to withstand the impact of an air plane (because one once flew into the Empire State Building by accident), I don't see how this was possible.

Controlled demolition is the only explanation that makes sense regarding the way WTC1,WTC2 and even more WTC7 collapsed.
You can assert that if you want, but it is only an assertion. Perhaps you should start from the null hypothesis and work forward instead of making tendentious claims? Controlled demolition is not the ONLY explanation, just one of a myriad of theories, and one I am not convinced by.
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