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Default Re: COINTELPRO is Winning

Blue Angel says:
"Of course, those who post here and are not AGENTS, are aware of COINTELPRO"
Been ThereDoneThat asks: "So anyone that is not aware of Cointelpro are agents?"
BeenThereDoneThats opinion: THIS ^(what Blue Angel says) IS MASSIVE SPIN AND A SLICK INSERTION.
You are so wrong(Big blue dong)People want to come here to learn about such things . But keep trying to penetrate the minds of all of us (but you)INFILTRATORS and Agents. I think you are so penetrated that WE are the victims in your mind. Hmmmm…maybe I can back this with another statement you made that proves that maybe…YOU are the dis info agent who is labeling everyone but yourself as the ones not worth listening to and that BA is the ONLY one to believe. I still think you are trying to claim the ONE ship or ‘NEO’ of the MATRIX image you believe this forum to be under your senior spewage. It is a matrix of you insisting that only you are right and/ or are an EXPERT on your genre(which seems to be all genre’). I have to agree with vote_lex_2000:
"Many of you claim to be aware of disinformation tactics and COINTELPRO, yet this forum is rife with the kind of behavior that is synonymous with such techniques."
Blue Angel writes:

"Here, try this thread.

Just read BlueAngel's comments and skip those of the infiltrators who posted on the thread
BeenThereDoneThat asks: Just your comments? The rest are infiltrators?
Isn’t there 101 pages?
BeenthereDoneThat: There is truth to what vote_lex_2000 says…and there is only one post by this member. This member has taught new comers much…But I already knew.
BA should stop being so rude and overpowering. She is a danger to the healthy growth of this forum. (Again just my opinion)

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