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Default Re: Dissapearing Threads

The engine was a 2 stroke with a revoloutionary fuel injection system. The original was even MORE radical but Ford decided "uptooling" there factories would be too expensive.

It could go 1000km on 70 liters of fuel at 130kmh. Lower speeds and the results are even better.

Fact is there was minimal power loss with the increase in fuel saving.

An accross the board %30-%50 fuel saving with no powr loss was possible accross the board with any vehicle straight off the mark.

All pretty much standard technology.

Ford bought him out for 190 million. The patents and test cars sit in a warehouse in the U.K.

The AMAZING thing is this ALL happened over a ten year period right under the publics nose and NO ONE gave a shit. The MSM here reported the progress continually and no one bothered to ask..."whatever happened to the orbital engine?"
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