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Default Re: What are the secrets of the bible?

There are many things hidden within the bible

pastor melissa scott does a very good job, taking parts of the Bible

and showing the translation in other languages and how some are better than the english.

but the bottom line is, the translations don't change the FACT the God spoke this world into existence and was resurrected after dying for our sins as was prophesised.

another one by the name of pastor arnold murray does an in depth teaching on the bible, and explains what everything means. he took 30 minutes to explain the first two sentences in Genesis!

did you know that the gospel of Jesus is hidden in the names of the first 10 men of the Bible?

there are a number of decent people who are studying the Word for a better understanding.

pastor chuck missler is another decent guy doing the work to spread the word through a genuine understanding of the Word.

and lastly for now, al neal has found many hidden things within the Scriptures; [ clik on the 16 minutes one first ]

the infinity bible code - Google Video

the infinity bible code - Google Video

the above video is best seen as a whole , from the prophecy club for a few dollars
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface

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