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Default Qouth The Poet Evermore...

Unending Darkness, men hide behind veils
never leaving a shadow or even a trail
of crumbs to lead you, down the primrose way
before you stumble down the quay
You will never penetrate the secret, the joke's on you
You will never sort out what is false from what is true
If you only knew the truth, you would laugh as I
But then again you just might cry

Things are far worse then you could ever know
Things that the nightly news will never show
The news is manufactured, the stories are manure
The leaders who lead should be flushed down a sewer

My advice, intrepid soul?
Follow The Poet, wherever he may go
The truth is stranger then you can understand
But it is more solid then falsehood's sinking sand

I speak in parables, but not in lies
Decipher the meaning, a word to the wise
I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery
But I have watched history
If we but learn the lessons ,we may have a victory

Thus quoth the raven "Nevermore"...

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