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Default Re: BREAKING: Top Chinese Economic Policy Advisor Says: Buy Gold, Sell Dollars!

The Chinese Economy is having problems absorbing the massive influx of excess dollars. HOW SURPRISED ARE WE THAT A TOP CHINESE ECONOMIC POLICY MAKER HAS SAID THAT CHINA SHOULD BUY GOLD AND GET RID OF EXCESS DOLLARS NOW!?
The Chinese do not exist in a vaccuum. If the U.S goes down then who will buy all those Chinese widgets in Walmart?:-) China dies also.

I guess with all the economic chaos to come we will see the rise AGAIN of a POWERFUL welfare state like that pushed by Rosseveldt. People will be signing up to the Army to eat and smash Islam.

The world will be told that Globalization has failed NOT because it is a stupid idea economically but because nasty Islamists adhering to traditional Islam and most of all nasty right wing Christians have ruined it all.

Only a powerful SECULAR world government based on the tenants of the "age of reason" will see stability and security restored.

A few nukes in the spirit of the Mazzini/Pike letters will help.

Problem - Reaction - Soloution. The scam that just keeps on giving.
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