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Default Re: Is Henry Makow a "Zionist Protector"?

If this is your belief, can you make your case by pointing out how you have arrived at this conclusion?
No, it's not my belief...I base it on reading, watching doco's, talking to participants for the last 15+ years. It's the closet I can come to a "fact". I have beliefs about God which I cant prove, but it can be reasonably proved that %90 of the "facts" of the 2nd world war are crude Allied propaganda and simple brainwashing by a Zionist controlled media.

Short and simple; clear and concise would be good.
No, you cant sum up the 2nd world war and history in general by "short, simple and concise" factoids. Much must be ascertained by common sense and taking into account the "context" of happenings at the time. The arena is SO covered in half truths and outright lies, tortured confessions, fake documents and a blur of Hollywood brainwashing that to enter into the debate means a considerable portion of your time will be taken up just trying to clear the area of rubbish before you build the house. A little like the 12 labours of Hercule's.

That being said...I will make it my mission over the next week (thats how long the internet will be hooked up here) to put as much info on this thread as possible PROVING beyond reasonable doubt that the...

1) "Holocaust" (Jews murdered in Death Camps via homicidal gas chamber) is a complete and utter fraud. Crude WW2 Propaganda propagated as fact to cover over MASSIVE Allied war crimes and promote sympathy for Zionist asperations for the land of Palestine.

2) Show evidence that Hitler WAS a manufactured Zionist puppet. And that "Nazi'ism" IS "Zionism"...EXACTLY, in content and practise.

3) That Hitler was a British/Zionist puppet placed in power to balance a continually recalcitrent Stalin. He was to ALSO force European Jews (who had no interest in going to the Holy Land) into mass immigration. Hitler then, like all puppets, thought he'd take the ring of power for himself and Germany suffered the consequences just as Iraq is at this moment in time.

As a start...go here for the interview with Benjamin Freedman. A former jew who was high up in the U.S state department who saw the rise of the Federal Reserve and WW1. Saw the betrayal of Germany by Zionist Bankers and the betrayal of Hitler and Germany in general.
Ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman speaks at the Willard Hotel, Washington D.C., in 1961

One thing I need to re-iterate... Hitler and the Nazi movement WAS a sign of the times. Hitler WORSHIPPED the British Class System and his ideology was shared generally by ALL the Elite of the time be they a Churchill or Rooseveldt puppet of the Established Order. "Make the world white" was the catch cry and preferably British. Or most certainly Anglo-Saxon.

Germany had ALWAYS felt hemmed in and wanted to expand it's borders and become independant in the raw resources she needed to become a great power in the region. The U.K was no different though she went the way of the sea, plundering her colonies in Africa and the Far East.

So, by all means criticise Hitler and the Nazi movement but while you're at it dont spare the whip for ALL the Imperial Power Wannabe's of the time.
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