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Default The Sealed Train

Michael Pearson, " The Sealed Train"
The true history of the financing of the bolshevik revolution and of the origin of Leninism.

" There is little doubt that his decision for the immediate leap into the second stage of revolution was made
after leaving Switzerland and before arriving in Russia."

" It is one of the great ironies of history that without the help of the German Emperor--the arch-proponent of the imperialist capitalist system that Lenin was dedicated to destroy--Lenin could never have achieved what he did. His
establishment of a socialist state, the first stage in what he hoped would be a world Communist system, was made possible only by German cooperation, a German train and the massive German finance that followed it."

" The key evidence is two telegrams in September and December, 1917, in which the German Secretary of State informed the Kaiser that his department had supplied the Bolsheviks with “a steady flow of funds” and that the party could not have attained “the scale or influence which it has today without our continual support.” This is supported by an analysis, dated February 4, 1918, among the German documents of Foreign Office expenditure overseas for propaganda and special purposes. This gives an allocation to Russia of 40,580,997 marks, of which by January 31, 1918, a sum of 26,566,122 marks had been spent. From other documents, indicating expenditure after the Bolshevik seizure of power, it is clear that 11,500,000 marks were spent before November."

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