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how long havce you been on this earth. i was born when it was still the cowboy days and i seen things you wont find anywhere else. did you know the korean war never ended. its still in a state of a truce. do you know what led to the korean war. do you know what led to ww1. ww1 and ww2 were the anti christ wars. this war on terror if you agree or not dont matter is a third anti christ war. the president of iran around 2005 or 2006 started a count down for the west to convert to islam. thats a fact in the news. and you call me a bigot. who is agenst the belief of christ.. islam is thats a fact.
do you know what the muslem uprising in 1899-1900 was about.. read up on that befor yyou call anyone a bigot. do you know what is ment by jihad or fatawah. it meens kill all non believers when and where you find them. who attacks any one at random with no regard of who. do you know what they will do if they could. my grand parrents are from cork ireland. my grand father remembers a british solder for no reason just shooting somone on the street.. a camera man for the news was shot by one and it was taped on camera as he was shot.. the news medis can proove this. you dont know what your talking about blue.
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