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Peace Draken,

First i would like to say that eventhough Islam means "Submission" in Arabic, it is only one stage of the religion of Abraham (that passed by Moses, Jesus, Muhammad) and it is extremely corrupted (because of the dependence on man-made books called "Hadith" instead of the last testament, Quran.

1-"Apart from its savings worth and perhaps growing trade worth, the gold dinar meets a religious need in Islam called Zakat, which dictates that Muslims must give at least 20 percent of their income to the poor; giving tangible merchandise or "honest money of actual substance", therefore not paper money."

There is no such thing as the above!, the obligatory charity (purification or "Zakaa") is actually 2.5% of any income we get, being it monthly or daily, in actual substance or paper money. It doesn't matter in what form we get our income.

2-"According to Islamic Law, when you buy this book it belongs to you. You can quote, reproduce, store in a retrieval system, or transmit this book, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of anybody."

I can't find this anywhere in the scripture!. However this matter has always intrigued me, how could anybody put a price on "ideas"? if we consider a righteous book, any book that is sincerely meant by the author to educate others, why would that author demand money for that knowledge? no messenger has ever demanded a wage for his teachings. In this age, ideas are patented, and copyrighted, instead of being spread in a spirit of brotherhood!, why the secrecy and the monopoly of the "know how" ?

3-"The end to the enslavement of the Muslim masses does not require a jihad in the traditional sense but a struggle to obey Allah, restore Zakat, the fallen pillar of Islam--- an empowered tax collection not a charity gift---and abolish usury."

Well, if it was that simple, it would have been solved long ago, the enslavment of the muslim masses started with accepting false teachings fabricated by their scholars (a source of law other than God), this totally paralyzed all aspects of life, since they stopped using their brains. They leave their matters to be determined by the professional religionists, corrupt presidents without any sense of guilt.

The obligatory charity has indeed been lost (since they give a distorted amount only once a year), but it's not a tax as the author wishes to say, it is a direct charity to the poor, the needy, more here: Zakaa
As for Usury, i don't think it is the main problem, the usury prohibited in "Submission" is that which takes advantage of a person in need, it is not the moderate interest that is agreed upon (when all parties are happy, there is no usury!).

4-"The hukum (legal judgment or command) of this ayat, according to Qadi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi in his ‘Ahkamul Qur'an’, is as follows:
“It is forbidden for Muslims to have amana with the kuffar outside Dar al-Islam,”"

Here is a clear example of the corruption of Islam through the professional religionsits, i ask you to read the verse and tell me if it says any of the above!

[3:75] Some followers of the scripture can be trusted with a whole lot, and they will give it back to you. Others among them cannot be trusted with a single dinar; they will not repay you unless you keep after them. That is because they say, "We do not have to be honest when dealing with the gentiles!" Thus, they attribute lies to GOD, knowingly.


But anyway, apart from the article that uses extensively the unauthorized laws of "Sharia", we should look at the matter in a more simple way,

There is no such thing as an Islamic Dinar or a Christian Dollar, for they can introduce a new currency, but the problem will still be there, corruption and monopoly of money.

The main concept in "Submission" is "freedom", i agree with the writer on one thing, the corporate world has stolen the markets from the people along with their "free will".

I believe that if there were no such cancerous companies, we "the individuals" would have been more prosperous, we have lost the sense of beauty when we introduced the machines into everything without thinking about the complications, the human being should have the priority over the machine. How many a skilled carftsman whose market has been struck dead by the cheap, ugly emotionless, tastless, conformist, coloned products of the machines!

I long for the day when the industrial revolution is put back on the right track, when the machines are used only when it is impossible for the human being to do it. This will create more work, more beauty, and will put an end to the corporate world which has done this severe damages among many:

-Destroyed small businesses and farms.

-Controlled our food (poisoned) and its cure (fake medicine).

-Put profit above humans and the environment.

-Imprisoned people of different orientations, dreams and priorities in the same place, resulting in millions of cases of bullying, suicide and mental stress because of the heirarchy which assigns the management (the strong) to "choose" for the workers (the weak).

-Turned us all into voluntary slaves, with a bunch of managers (uproductive humans) choosing for us the workload, the payments (the profits ofcourse are exclusive!), the rest time, literally the company now affects all aspects of our lives!

-And as a result of controlling the hours of work, Satan has succesfully deprived the family from its leader, turning millions of children into orphans whose fathers are still alive!

Note that most of the damage is aimed at the "free will", exerting more and more control on millions of needy individuals, and what made them "needy" in the first place? the same companies with their monopoly of the markets!

The answer i believe is breaking free of this evil firms with all their unproductive practices, banks, stock market,....etc. In the world of "Submission" i believe the individual is his own manager, he thinks for himself, he set up his business, he works with his own hands, in that way he can determine for himself the workload, and set priorities for himself as he wishes.

I am still studying the money issue though, it's a little complicated for me, however i think it is a good idea if we return to the gold/silver money, leaving the market and the people to determine the value of the goods/money without manipulating the prices, thus allowing God's forces to work freely through our transactions, what we can do is to reverence God and deal equitably and then put our trust in God and leave the rest to Him.

God willing, more to come
God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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