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Default Re: Why I Give It To FMB & Ahmed.

Well TB,

I tried to help you but you refuse to help yourself!, again this entity that is spitting obscene words of your mouth is not the real YOU!

Believe it or not, you are oppressed by your Jinn companion and you will never know the real Happiness untill you realize it and confront him.

The real people are honest, compassionate, pure and refrain of insults because of their reverence of God.

What if the wolf who come knocking on your door is actually a lamb, a gift from God and you mistake him for a wolf and kill him unjustly?

There was a time i would be hurt by such insults, however now that i know the Truth, i don't.

And untill you come up with honest sincere questions or objections regarding the message and its proof, i will just have to ignore you.

Do you question the postman or the envelope instead of the message itself?
God\'s alternative, USN

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