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Default Re: Official Auschwitz figures

I have always believed that Hitler and his backers were mass murderers in "absoloute" terms.

In the terms of "context" of the day and the threat posed on Western European culture by a rabbid dog political system to the East...Hitler was fully justified.

I have yet to come to a basic conclusion. Perhaps I never will.

There are many historians who I would say write very fairly on Hitler and exibit some admiration for him on the political and military level. They will not dispute that the "Sonderkommando" and "Einzatsgruppen" who roamed the rear areas existed and were viscious thugs.

I have read letters from Generals and Privates alike complaining of the arbitrary nature of the reprisals by the rear area police...mostly staffed by locals as many Germans could not serve in them...they committed suicide or deserted. Usually avoiding punishment when caught as it was considered a terrible job.

And this is the point. Throught the "historical record" on the one hand the Germans are viscious thugs ripping babies from mothers arms and striking their heads against rail road cars and on the other hand Himmler is writing letters complaining they cannot get any Germans to do the dirty work. So we are supposed to believe this was the reason for the "gas chambers".

A country that made "Sarin" in the thirties must resort to "pellets" of "pesticide" that majically turn into "cyanide gas" when dropped through a hole in the roof of buildings that dont actually have holes in their roofs according to Allied reconnasence photo's of the day.

I used to work with "pure" crystalline cyanide in the mining industry. We used to drop 1 ton pallets of the stuff and spread it all over the ground occassionally by accident. We'd shovel it back in by a suit and respirator with people standing ten feet away watching with only normal work clothes on. If they got smart i'd throw chunks at them. Real deadly?

And what of the hundreds of exposed holocaust survivor frauds?

What of the walking skeletons? I thought they got frog marched to gas chambers? Why were they still hanging around?

What of the marches to other camps? Why not just shoot them?

The list of inconsistencies are SO GREAT that I left with the undeniable conclusion that the cheif prosecution witness is completely full of shit.

The vast majority of the claims were from Uncle Joe. The Allies had backed a mass murdering tyrant. Better to make this as justified by claiming you were fighting an even more evil tyrant.

That Jews suffered I have no doubt. As did many others.

Hitler needs to be rehabilitated to the status of mere mortal so we can understand the dynamics of WW2 and the forces at work.

Obviously the forces at work do not want this to happen so we are stuck with Hitler as devil incarnate...and Uncle Joe as - hard, but fair.
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