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Default Re: Big Hurricanes, Big Earthquakes

I suggest that you leave the Pharmakia alone.
Thanx for caring. I usually quit when the voices start...about 3 days with no sleep. I find that in my manic drug induced state I come up with the most profound things that I believe no one else can understand because I am ever so clever...but then I realise i'm just sprouting shit due to drug use. Always a disapointment.

That stuff will kill you.
No, usually just make you psychotic and perhaps froth at the mouth but it's possible a pre-existing condition such as stroke and heart attack could be on the cards. The great thing is you're so high you dont care.

Besides, no one wants to see me on drugs. I start getting 'weird', REALLY weird.
So thats over and above you're normal wierdness?

You know matey...the stuff you write is self indulgent shit. I mean that in the nicest possible way. The point of a forum is to exchange information and abuse people other than your Mother for your terrible childhood. You cannot even qualify in the latter.

If you are sincere then you will try to make your posts relevant and structured around a beginning, middle and end. Preferably with a conclusion that makes me go..."well i'll be! Did'nt see that on the telly".

At the moment most of the people here have diagnosed you Bipolar in the manic phase.

Why not project your considerable intellect and knowledge into such boring subjects as the banking system, oil scams and drug trade?
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