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Default Re: Report finds informal childcare harmful

I am fortunate enough to be the sole breadwinner for our family - my wife is *very* happy to be a stay-at-home-mum.

We have always sent our kids to daycare - starting from 3 - for 1 day a week, then 2 days a week. They are all born before June so they all started school at 4 1/2. We found that they needed the extra interaction that playing with other kids provided - at least that which could not be provided by cousins their own age (there were none) or the grandparents.

I think the role of the 'mum' is so undervalued in our society. Our kids are growing so fast that I adore each moment I can spend with them. I am fortunate to say that I feel sorry for those who are unable by choice to live as I do. I am perfectly OK with the 'one works one stays home with the kids' family that I have. I know lots of others choose (or are unable) to live this way, but for us, it works.
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