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Default True Esoteric Christianity redeems churchianity

True Esoteric Christianity redeems churchianity

Please do not mix the exoteric (outer) teachings of the current catholic/evangelic church (St Paul) with the esoteric (inner) teachings of the current christian gnostic, theosophic and mystic community (St John).

The concept of the three big religion, Christianity, Judaism and Islam is exoteric, because the perception of God is outside ourselves.

The christian esoteric teachings exists as gnostic, theosophic and mystic communities like the Universal White Brotherhood (Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Peter Deunov ) which perceive God inside ourselves.

In Judaism the esoteric teaching is the kabbala.

In Islam the esoteric teaching is sufism.

As you can see, true christianity is not yet fully known to the mass, but soon will be. Therefore the current pope, Pat Robertson and other sadly mislead clerics are typically for exoteric christianity.

Its only a question of time until exoteric christianity will be history, redeemed by Esoteric Christianity.

That means according Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

When love comes, there will be no more religion

«It is when one has no more love that laws and rules are needed; and even at this moment, laws and rules do not serve in much. As long as there is no love, there will be religions which will never be able to bring the human beings towards God. But when love will come, there will be no more religion. Religion will become internal and will show itself under shape of kindness, brilliance, sacrifice, sweetness and light. It is when love left the humanity that religion has come to compensate for it. But when love will come, religion will fade because it will have entered again the heart of the man.»

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