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Default Re: Does this wiff of masonry?

It not only whiffs of Masonry, Mary, it stinks to high heaven -- and I don't mean the Great White Masonic Heaven of GATU.
Lies, deceptions, propoganda -- all the tools of Freemasonry. Before they're through with a recruit, that individual is instilled with the "relative morality", where black is white, up is down, and anything told them by their totalitarian superiors is accepted with unquestioning fealty.

You saw in Chapter 4 how words have been redefined. They must appeal to the public, reflect what parents want to hear, but conceal their true meaning. Without the corresponding facts and truths, most people are likely to be deceived by the propaganda.
Oh yeah, all we need is a little incantation to Baphomet and Lucifer to balance out the program.
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