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Default Bad News for Israeli Jews - Rothschilds want more or you DEAD

Putin hints at intention to sell arms to Palestinians
By Harvey Morris in Jerusalem
Published: April 29 2005 19:57 | Last updated: April 29 2005 19:57

President Vladimir Putin indicated yesterday that Russia was prepared to supply weapons to the Palestinian security forces but made no specific mention of a proposed shipment of 50 armoured personnel carriers that Israel opposes.

"We understand that the Palestinians, in order to enforce the law in this region, need to have all the necessary resources," he said during a visit to Ramallah to meet Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority president. "We understand they cannot do so using slingshots and stones. Israel understands this too."

He confirmed, however, that Russia would supply two helicopters to the PA. Those used by Yassir Arafat, Mr Abbas's late predecessor, were destroyed early in the Palestinian intifada.

The Ramallah meeting ended a three-day visit to the region by Mr Putin, the first by a Russian leader to either Israel or the Palestinian territories. Israeli commentators said the importance of the visit to Israel was the fact it took place rather than the issues that were raised.

Mr Putin tried to reassure Israel about Russia's proposed sale of anti-aircraft missiles to Syria.

Israel turned down the Russian president's offer of hosting a Middle East peace conference.

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