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Default Re: Suspect Aircraft Just Sighted Over Yeovil, Somerset.

Originally Posted by kirstym01 View Post
It was very strange! I've just thought actually one of my neighbours is a bird handler at Yeovilton, wander if he'll share any info?!!
It really looked like a passenger plane, thats what I thought was so weird, but as I saw above Russian Cargo planes are the same size as passenger planes, maybe it ran into difficulties?
Cargo planes are almost identical to passenger planes, all that is missing are the logos on the side.

What I find perplexing however is whether the runways at Yeovilton are large enough to take a plane of that size with its accompanying landing speed?

The aircraft at Yeovilton which is Royal Navy are all small, i.e. the type of aircraft that can land on a boat with a very short runway.

I also find the absence of the story in the media interesting which echoes my original observation in the opening thread.
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