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Wink Turkish prime minister Erdogan lost all legitimacy while going to war with Syria

Erdogan lost all legitimacy

26. Juni 2012

Turkish prime minister Erdogan lost all legitimacy. The Turkish people is unwilling to go to war against Syria but Erdogan uses bloody provocations and bold lies to lead Turkey to war with Syria. Doing so Erdogan pleases his backers in Doha, Riyad and Washington, but betrays the Turkish people who would never elected him had they known that Erdogan would turn out to become a warmongering lackey of the zionists. There is nothing to hide anymore.

It is very clear that regime change in Syria is a zionist project running already for a couple of years. Washington did years of training, paid for the propaganda and as the hot phase of the regime change plan was put into motion, there were Washington backed armed elements working inside Syria from the first days of the protests instigated by Washington-trained “activists” which sniped police men and peaceful demonstrators alike to stir up emotions needed for regime change.

Erdogan abandoned the zero problems policy he was elected for. Doing so he serves the interests of Tel Aviv. There is hardly anything in the world the zionist movement would want more than Turkish muslims spilling the blood of Syrian muslims and vice versa because it detracts world public opinion from Palestine and clears the path for the zionists to further continue the colonialization of the East Jerusalem and West Bank.

Even Today’s Zaman, a paper of the US-led Nurci movement Erdogan belongs to, now admits that Erdogan’s aggressive policy against Syria is in line with the most rabiat zionist neocons in Washington. For the peace loving Turkish and Syrian people Erdogan’s aggressive policy against Syria means their blood is spilled to serve the zionist cause.

It’s no secret that the terrorist groups engaged in unconventional warfare against Syria under the umbrella label “Free Syrian Army” are led from Turkish soil. Instead of fighting together with Syria against terrorism Erdogan gives shelter to terrorists torturing and murdering Syrian people in their thousands. Haytham Manna, Paris-based spokesman of the so called “National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change”, recently claimed that “the birth of the Free Syrian Army under the supervision of Turkish military intelligence.” The world is also well aware that terrorists operating in Syria are supplied with weapons from Turkey under the supervision of the zionist-led CIA. Though he lies about it there is nothing to hide anymore for Erdogan.

The world is also well aware that the US military just completed it’s “initial planning” for a NATO war of aggression against Syria. It’s well understood that what’s missing in US war planning against Syria is detailed infomation on Syria’s air defense and especially the air defense systems recently delivered by Russia are a headache for NATO war planners.

What NATO would do to get detailled information on Syria’s air defense, was explained in an aviation forum by a former German F4 pilot:

You take a reconnaissance jet and fly slowly closer and closer to the assumed location of the enemy position, watch the activation of the enemy’s search radar and when the enemy’s target radar is activated you turn away. So know you kno how the enemy’s air defense system looks on your own warning systems, for example the newly delivered Russian one. That information can be used then to develop new counter-measures and tactics. Of course for such an avtivity is used only a single reconnaissance jet and not a squadron, because when the targetted country protests one wants to claim that the trespassing happened accidentally.

For NATO’s gathering of information about the Syrian air defense to detail it’s attack plans against Syria Erdogan offered NATO a supersonic Turkish RF-4E Phantom II jet capable of flying with a speed of more than Mach II. The reconnaissance mission was flown on Friday, 22nd of June 2012. On the first round the Turkish Phantom trespassed a corner of Syrian airspace on the sea flying low as 60 meters for five minutes. On the second round it flew off Syrian airspace until it was in a position 13 nautical miles off the Syrian coast and then flew in a height of less than 100 meters and with a speed of 800 kph directly towards the Syrian coastline.

Because the Turkish Phantom was flying low the Syrian air defence didn’t see it on radar and didn’t activate any search or target radar. Instead of the expected behaviour of activating a search and target radar the Phantom triggered an optically working a Syrian air defense system when it was less than two kilometers off the Syrian coast. That system autimaticially started firing artillery rounds with a maximum reach of 2.5 killometers on the Phantom and hit it. The Turkish phantom managed to fly back some seconds onto the sea before it crashed about 10 kilometers off the Syian coastline due to the damage done to it by the Syrian air defense artillery. To see what happened to it’s Phantom on it’s reconnaisance mission off the Syrian coast Turkey sent the CASA military plane – which was already in the air to coordinate the Phantom’s mock attack on Syria – to the site of the assumed crash. Because the Turkey CASA plane also flew to the Syrian coast protected by the automatically working Syrian air defense artillery system it was also targeted but as it flew high and was seen in time it managed to turn away from the coast before being hit. After communication with Syria the Syrian air defense system was deactivated and both, Syria and Turkey, searched for the Phantom, it’s pilot and it’s navigation officer off the Syrian coast.

Syria said it was by no means a hostile act against Turkey, the incident was more like an accident and Syria doesn’t want war with Turkey. Erdogan conceded that Turkey believes the Turkish Phantom was lying in Syrian waters 13 km off the Syrian coastline. Syria found a part of the Turkish Phantom bearing marks of anti aircraft artillery and gave it to Turkey. Syria offered to Turkey to form a military commission and come to Syria to see what happened but Turkey didn’t reply to that offer.

On Sunday, the 24th of June, Erdogans minister of foreign affairs gave a grossly false statement on TV blaming the victim for the Turkish aggression. He conceded that the Turkish phantom crossed into Syrian airspace on it’s first round and he conceded the Turkish Phantom was on a mission to test radar systems. But he lied that the Phantom was testing Turkish radar systems while it was testing the Syrian air defense, he lied that the Phantom accidentilly trespassed into Syrian airspace while it was intentional and hostile and he lied that the Turkish Phantom was shot down in international waters 13 nautical miles off the Syrian coast claiming because it was hit by Syria the Phantom’s pilot lost control and flew four long minutes, from 11:58h until 12:02h, four nautical miles into Syrian space where the Phantom crashed. The pathetic lie is obvious in itself and even for making it look plausible on first sight the Turkish TV had to falsify the claimed locations on the map shown.

In reality the Phantom started it very low and high speed flight directly against Syria at the position 13 nautical miles off Syrians coast, reached the Syrian coast three minutes later and crashed just about 40 seconds after it was hit. Everybody knows it because there exists a video taken on the beach near Latakia by a friend of Syrian tribune editor Ali Mohamad while the Turkish Phantom was hit.

But Erdogan backed the gross lie of his foreign minister because the lie serves his agenda to lead Turkey to war with Syria to please his backers in Washington, Doha and Riyad. Erdogan called the NATO and the UN security council to assist him blaming the victim and push for more zionist-led-from-behind regime change action against Syria.

“The plane that was downed was not the plane of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or of the AK Party. It was Turkey’s plane, shot down in international airspace,” Erdogan lied to the Turkish people and the world public to stir up war feelings against Syria. Not even NATO dares to say that the Turkish Phantom was shot down in international airspace so far. “We will offer all possible support to liberate the Syrians from dictatorship,” said Erdogan. Supporting mass murder, torture and systematic lies to blame the victim and leading to a war of aggression are abviously included in Erdogan’s “all possible support.”

The next Erdogan is doing is that he plans to involve the Turkish military in cross border violence with Syria. Erdogan said: “The rules of engagement of the Turkish Armed Forces have changed. … Any military element that approaches the Turkish border from Syria, posing a security risk or danger, will be regarded as a threat and treated as a military target.” Giving the Turkish military a green light to fire across the border against imaginary threats is of course a sure recipe to draw the Turkish armed forces in a cross border war with Syria. And since the UN security council doesn’t bow to the zionist wishes to establish safe havens for Turkish backed terrorist groups inside Syria it looks like that this is exactly what Erdogan wants. There is nothing to hide anymore.

“We will continue to support the struggle of our brothers in Syria at any cost,” Erdogan said. Losing all his honesty by blatantly lying to make war happen and spilling the blood of ordinary Syrians and deceived Turkish people is obviously a cost Erdogan is willing to pay to make a zionist sponsored regime change in Syria happen. Erdogan is doing the same as what George W. Bush and his zionist cronies did in 2002 as they pushed for regime change in Iraq. His aggressive policy against Syria already led to spilling the blood of thousends of Syrians and a couple of Turks as well. Erdogan should be dealt with like Bush and Cheney, prosecuted for lying and warmongering. Erdogan should be impeached and taken out before it’s too late and the warmongers repeat Bush Iraqi scenario in Syria.

Update 29-06-2012: The Wall Street Journal essentially concedes (archived copy) that Erdogans story is ridiculous and bears no credibility. Key quotes:

U.S. intelligence indicates that a Turkish warplane shot down by Syrian forces was most likely hit by shore-based antiaircraft guns while it was inside Syrian airspace, American officials said, a finding in tune with Syria’s account and at odds with Turkey. … Ankara () said the jet was hit too far from Syrian territory to have been engaged by an antiaircraft gun. … “We see no indication that it was shot down by a surface-to-air missile” as Turkey says, said a senior defense official. … A former senior U.S. official who worked closely with Turkey said he believed the flight’s course was meant to test Syria’s response. “You think that the airplane was there by mistake?” the former official said.

So, Turkey committed an aggression against Syria, Turkey was stopped, Erdogan is lying to get Turkey on a war course against Syria and the world knows it – even US officials concede it.


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