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January 30 2006

This issue in my workplace deals with

corruption, big money, large government contracts, security clearances, pecking order, protocol, big egos and no brains.

Did you ever see that in your workplace ?

First of all, if you as a human being are not worth any money,

the police don't have time for this.

You got food poisoning, get lost.

It helps to if they can smear your background.

Thats easy with a little rumor, allegation and innuendo.

"Constructive Dismissal",

I had never heard of "Workplace Mobbing" or "Gang Stalking" until this happened to me.

All this crap started in my workplace in, 1997,

in the months prior to the "Quebec Ice Storm"

with a project we built for Zenon Environmental,

6 / 350 HP diesel driven pumps that went to Somalia

and the right to refuse unsafe work by not going there,

and a project at Mississauga Hydro.

Somalia was a "war zone" at that time.

I think there is probably a group of people who have information about who poisoned me.

Eventually they will have a falling out and go their separate ways.

Some of the reply letters at my discussion board are pointing in the right direction I hope.

My health suffered greatly.

There is some good links at my discussion board about workplace issues.

Gets a little backstabby in the workplace sometimes.

I hope all is well at your workplace.


Gerry Duffett

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