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Default "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

Ruppert has fast made himself obselete and irrelivent with his infantile attachment to the "Peak Oil" scam.

Stan Goff however still has a modicum of respect particularly with regards military matters.

The only options left for Bush and Co are do nothing and continue to "nip" away with half assed terrorist attacks which get more badly done each time and risk more exposure - a limited bombing campaign after some sort of staged event on Iran - use tactical nukes on Iran and others...openly. To get away with this they will need a staged EVENT of some magnitude...perhaps the sinking of a Carrier in the Mid East with 5000 dead sailors.

The U.S has NO capacity to invade anyone. PERIOD. End of discussion. To continue to flounce about with an invasion of Iran and even Syria is a complete distraction.

We have heard from the "experts" for three years! that a draft was "just around the corner".

Tactical nukes are their ONLY option of attack and I believe there most likely.

In this I agree with Stan Goff.

This is just an exerpt. You will have to be a special "Ruppertarian" to get the full story.
Central to my analysis of the "Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support," and the concomitant leaks from the Pentagon that the war in Iraq has undermined the two-war doctrine, is my belief that - while the Bush administration would like nothing more than to impose martial law - their ability to do so, and even to see through their current debacle in Southwest Asia, may already be disappearing around the corner of no return. The real danger, from my viewpoint, is that with failure to achieve their desired objectives in Iraq, the reckless incompetence of this lame duck administration may lead them to consider the unthinkable - tactical nuclear strikes against "adversaries" in a period when conventional military power is rendering itself obsolete. -SG]
I'm sure he's changed his opinion on the London bombings by now.

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