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Default Re: The Zionist (Yisraelim) Takeover ???

The JEWS will one day rule the world (their words--not mine)!!

Not just any JEW, but those of bloodline!!!

Hiding behind the scenes, in the shadows directing and orchestrating, because they know that the people of this country WILL never elect a President who is JEWISH!!

Some have had their roots hidden from them and their names changed. Such as Kerry and Albright.

Just their opinion, not mine!!

How many US dollars do the people of this country give to Israel to fund their "war machine?"

The Zionist movement began long ago!!

Any links regarding the deal made for the State of Israel after the War and how it has played such a major factor in the distraction of the Jewish people.

Look at Iraq now. It's becomming another Israel/Palestine.

Divide and Conquer!!!

In Peace,

Jimbo, any links???

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