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Default Ex-Masons For Jesus

Apparent founder Duane Washem, and organisation of half a dozen members on paper only.

Duane's reasons for leaving Masonry has be re-written and copy pasted all over the internet.

In short Duane was a Mason for a few years, serving as an officer several times, and even serving his lodge as Master, Duane decided that the prayers in lodge should be addressed to Jesus Christ.

Now with Freemasonry being a non-sectarin Fraternal organisation, a sectarian religious view is not fitting, so Duane leaves.

There is nothing wrong with Duane feeling everyone should be a Christian, I am sure every Christian out there believes the same. The problem is that Duane states he was oblivious to the fact Freemasonry wasn't a bespokely Christian order.

Unfortunatley even Duanes family members are unconvinced by his claims, his brother who signed his petition is still, or as far as I am aware, active in the lodge.

It doesn't help that Duanes little story is almost the same as Mitchells, including the familt situation.

Duane stepped up his game by including a "Self-Proclaimed" minister who inlcuded his prayer requests and come chap from the Promise Keepers.

Although the website claims to have turned masons away from the lodge by the millions, they still list less than a dozen members.

Noteable members

Lora Burton, how she counts seeing as she cannot be a Freemason I haven't worked out yet.

Jack Harris - another person of great intellect who took years to work out what he know peddles as fact.

Bill Schnoebelen - the only man to be a witch, a mormon, a Freemason all at the same time as studying for a theological masters.

Yet another reliable source.

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