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When my ex-neighbour, ex-SAS, has very real problems adjusting to his past in view of his present – a beautiful blond-haired blue eyed boy… When he was just a lad, he was naughty and the government offered him jail or the army, he chose the army. As a trained assassin, he was sent into Northern Ireland to ‘exterminate’.

He finds it hard to accept that he placed the sole of his boot across the neck of an infant and shot point blank. When he was sent in to exterminate, that meant the entire household - the whole family. Is this military pride or a tortured broken soul only doing as he was told and trying to live with himself?
This happened.

Coincidently I was talking to a fellow Christian at Church - Patrick. He has led an amazingly interesting life as lawyer and "Communist" (kicked out of British army and made headlines). He now visits Russia and the Holy land regularly but now as a Christian Pilgrim.

He related his direct knowledge of the gangs of British and Loyalist (Protestant) assassins who would "do" the entire families of suspected and known IRA members.

In turn the IRA wiped out several households of these loyalists and even a few housesd housing British covert ops. They spared the kids but the British newspapers made much of "IRA brutality".

What a sad and depressing state of affairs.

As for MARYPOPPINZ. Well, we all get angry when you've stood up for what you believe in and lost. You soon learn that no one gives a damn anyway and move on to greener and less troublesome pastures.

Keep up the good work Mary.
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